What exactly is a Tune-up?

A pc tune-up is a process in which we go through your computer and remove all the junk that gets built up in your system over time.
All of the following steps are covered in a Digitalmpact tune-up

  • Registry cleared of any invalid entries
  • All temp files removed
  • Cookies removed
  • Reset any changed add-ons extension (browser specific)
  • Clear out any programs/apps that have a history of causing problems
  • Various tweaks and enhancments are made to your operating system (different per operating system)
  • Make sure all windows updates are working and applied
  • Check you Anti-virus solution and if you dont have one we will recommend some great free ones or install the paid one of your choice.

Bottom line is there is no one list of things you follow and do that gets your computer running the way it used to, it has to be handled on a case by case basis. We will analize your system and make the proper changes/adjustments to get it running the way it should be.



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